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1604lab welcomes with pleasure a new entry. Welcome Ana !

1604lab is pleased to welcome a new ” recruits ” : Ana Apostoaiei .

Young Multimedia Design from Romania and with a training course in Denmark , Ana chose 1604lab to undertake an internship in which to learn and improve their knowledge .

We are very happy to have her with us and now I present it with a little interview .

1. Hi Ana, could you tell us something about yourself? 

My name is Ana-Maria Apostoaiei I am 20 years old and I am from Romania. I am studying Multimedia Design and Communication at Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education in Odense, Denmark.

2. Why did you choose this kind of profession? 

I have chosen this kind of profession because I am passionate about design and I like to create and develop new ideas.

3. How did you find our web agency? Web or others? 

I found the agency on Google and after that I found it on Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Why did you choose our web agency and Italy? 

I have chosen Italy because I felt in love with this country some years ago. After I did some research regarding companies in Italy, I have found 1604Lab S.r.l. I have seen a part of the projects and I knew that this company is the right option for me.  I instantly realized that I would like to be a part of the team and I would be glad to work with people whose work I admire.

5. Even though you started recently your internship, have you already learned something? 

Even If I started my internship recently I can say that I have learned some tricks regarding Photoshop and, really important, I have learned that for better results, the atmosphere from a company has to be a friendly one.

6. On what would you like to specialize? 

During my education I will specialize in Web Design.

7. What kind of expectations do you have from this experience? 

This experience will help me to see how things work in a web agency.

8. Are you content about your tutors? 

Yes, I am happy with my tutors.

9. Do you enjoy working in 1604Lab S r. l? 

I would like to make my next internship in the same company and I would love to work for 1604Lab S.r.l in some years.

10. Do you like to live in Rome?

Rome is fantastic!

We welcome Ana and we are sure it will be a great experience for her and for us , so … Welcome Ana !

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