CloudedMinds Session beers

“ Once we started to supply pubs in and out London, we had the aim to show people our beers by different ways like facebook, twitter and mainly the website. Thanks to the social networks and website created and attended by 1604lab, we have the possibility to illustrate all the products we make giving to everyone the chance to experience us. ”
Riccardo Pulcinelli, Headbrewer CloudedMinds - Clouded Minds

The customer

Cloudedminds is a new London brewery built by Riccardo Pulcinelli and Peter Hutchinson.
These two friends with a love for the beer, after many years working in the field, decided to open their own brewery. This is way  Cloudedminds Ltd was born.

The challenge

Our aim was create a unique and original brand oriented to every type of client and, at the same time, with a London style. This is way we decided to use a grunge style with some bright colours, that can easily attract drinkers attention. The idea was to to create a brand that could easily distinguish itself from all the others.

What we did

The logo has been studied considering the company name “Cloudedminds”, playing with the idea of a confused and a cloud shaped mind.

The website design has been made thinking about the old city of London and we tried to ricreate the same atmosphere. We have used the same style and colors already used in labels.

Every label instead, has been uniquely made according to every beer distinguish features.

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